2016 Word For the Year-Hope

This is another personal vs. quilty post but since I’ve noticed picking a word for the year has become popular it shouldn’t seem too out-of-place.

This year’s word – Hope

Last year’s word – Enough

I started doing a word for the year many many years ago. I used to get a new journal and write out my goals for the year in great detail by topic. Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Relational, Work,  and Personal. Until one year when my mind was road-blocked and the only thing that would come to me was balance. So I decided that I wouldn’t write out all my goals and just try to find balance in my life. I kept that same word for several years because I didn’t feel as though I succeeded as putting balance in my life. I still struggle with balance. I have just moved on to different words.

Last year’s word was enough. I don’t choose the word, I let the word choose me. Enough was not a word I would have chosen, but over the course of the year I discovered just how full the word was. And then life this past year forced “enough” on me by circumstances beyond my control. And trust me, if there was any way for me to control the situations I would have. I had to accept “enough” for myself. Not easy.  Have I totally grasped the word in my life, no. But I will move on. To Hope. Again the word chose me.

Time will tell how this word will play out in my life.

With Hope, on the journey, Jackie