Picture Perfect Wall Hanging by Grace

Grace started this project over here and you’ll notice this is a girl who loves the design wall. She was deciding on what fabric to use as sashing with her blocks.

Grace Showcasing Fabric options

I must admit she has a good eye for color. If she had chosen the purple on the left I would have asked her why and encouraged her to be sure, but I would have let her make the final choice. I didn’t need to do that though. She said it wasn’t the right purple. She was right.

A “no spoiler” picture. I was given strict instructions by both Noah and Grace that I couldn’t post pictures until after Christmas.

Grace No Spoilers

Not only does Grace have an eye for color, she also has a good design sense. She didn’t want her borders to be all the pink fabric. She said it needed more purple to go in the corners, So corner stones we added.

Grace helped with the rotary cutting and pinning. The sewing and pressing she did on her own. Though I’m still reminding her the tricks to pressing to get a good open seam.

Grace Pressing

We were pressed for time and I told her we could sew the top, bottom and batting and flip right sides out and be done or she could put on a binding which would take more time and might not get done in time. She said she needed to think about it, so we took a break and made candy. 🙂

She decided that it needed a binding. She wanted more purple to go around the outside edge and even if it meant she wouldn’t finish in time, she said it needed that darker color. So binding it was.

Which meant quilting first. I gave her my bin of threads and here are the ones she picked to consider.

Grace Showcasing Thread Options

I heard what she liked or didn’t like about the different ones.

The winner:

Grace Thread Decision

The reason. It was purple but also looked a little pink and looked nice with the pink fabric.

I marked the lines, she decided on a decorative stitch and stitched away.

Grace Quilt close up

I helped her with the binding. She sewed the binding on the front on her own, with me helping her do mitered corners and then I helped her stitch the binding in place using the same decorative stitch she used for quilting. Mainly for time. I really wanted to make sure she finished in time for Christmas. Plus an almost full day of concentrated sewing for a 5 almost 6-year-old is a lot. And Grandma was tired too. 🙂

I think the label was one of her favorite parts, she couldn’t wait to do it and when we wrapped it she wanted it to be the first thing her parents saw.  She also liked how the stitching looked on the back.

Grace with label

An impressive finish Grace.

Grace with finished quilt

And Grandma couldn’t be happier. Love  you.

  • Gretchen Firestone

    Grace is quite the talented designer!

    • Jackie

      Grace has a good eye for color and design for such a young one. Love it!