Pillows for Mom and Dad by Noah

Grace and Noah started their Christmas projects a while ago and I took a day off to spend with them so we’d have time to finish them up. Grace and Noah Coloring

I took both of them shopping for fabric at Noah’s request. Making something for Christmas presents seemed to be a good reason. Our shopping adventure is captured here.

Noah was very deliberate in his choice of fabrics and designs.

Noah's Final fabric pics

Since he has stated he will leave the quilting to Grace, I thought pillows would be a good and quick project for him.

Noah's Pillow Backs

Noah is a true animal lover and he wanted to include them in his projects. Elephants for his mom and penguins for dad. I found pictures online for him to color.

Noah Coloring

This Clover Stitch Guide worked wonders for helping Noah get good seams.

Noah Sewing

A kid-sized iron and table for pressing.

Noah Pressing

Mom’s pillow. He thought the fabric looked like it belonged to an elephant.

Elephant Pillow

Dad’s pillow. Owls are birds and so are penguins, hence the fabric choice.

Noah's Penguin pillow

Fabric backs were chosen because they had black and white in them.

Noah's Pillow Backs

He did an outstanding job and focused well so we could finish them up in time.

Noah and Finished Pillows

Proud of you Noah.  Love Grandma

  • SandyH

    Great pillows! And I love his rationale for the fabric. Agreed!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandy for stopping by. You can’t beat (or argue) with the logic of a young one.

  • val

    Youngster always inspire me! The details in these are wondeful! Good job Noah!