Coin Strip Quilt

As I mentioned before I had a lot of 30’s prints leftover. And they seem to multiply. Why is that?

I decided I wanted to make a coin quilt and figured it would be a good camping project. Only problem was I didn’t have as many pieces as I thought I did and while I had strips of fabric left I didn’t want to cut them up into smaller pieces just to get a coin quilt. So I combined the two.

Coin strip quilt 1
Piecing went a lot quicker since I was using strips and I ran out of white. A trip to a quilt store in the area provided the white I needed as well as backing and binding fabric.

Coin strip quilt 2

I used the  “Love and Peace” pattern from Urban Elementz and it seems to fit the quilt.

Coin Strip Quilt close up

Coin strip quilt back

The quilt measures  33.5 x 44 and can found in my Etsy Shop here.

Using up and making do. On the journey, Jackie


  • Jaye

    What a great idea. I think your quilt came out very well.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye, It certainly is different.

  • kitty pearl

    Luv that Quilting!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, it was fun to quilt.