Sewing with Children, Keep it Fun

  • Remember they are children.
  • And they’ll act that way.
  • As long as they are respectful of the tools they are using let them be children.

Grace and Noah turning a tube pillowcase right-side out:


Camden and Colson having a pillow fight with newly made pillows:

Camden and Colson Pillow fight

Fighting to get in a picture:

Grace and Noah Fooling around

Go with the flow when they are being challenging:


Celebrate their mistakes: (we all have them, might as well accept them and move on)

Savannah's Birds nest

Let them enjoy the process with their silliness:

Grace and Noah with Fabric strips

Savannah's Chain Piecing

Let them show off:

Camden In Process

Colson Proud Finish

Having fun

  • They are children first.
  • Plan for it.
  • Allow it.
  • It’ll be more fun for everyone.

Passing on a love of sewing, on the journey, Jackie