Out of the Mouth of Babes, Sewing Wisdom from Children

Kids are wonderful. They say what they think. No filters.

Words of Logic:

Noah at 7, referring to a sewing book for 8-14 year-old, “Don’t they know kids can learn earlier and that Grace was only two when she started to sew?”

Too Young to Sew

Grace at 18 months wanted to sew. When is too young? 

The “obvious words:

Camden at 10, on a phone call, “Are you downstairs sewing? I can hear one of your sewing machines…” and so the conversation went.


Go here to read the rest of the conversation, it is quite amusing.

Words of appreciation:

When no words are necessary, Christian age 3.


While sewing with his brothers, I cut a minky blanket for his monkey.

Enjoying gems on the journey, Jackie