Sewing with Children – Christmas Presents

Spoiler alert for Tom and Wendy, if you happen to read this, though I’ve kept it generic so it will keep you guessing.

I was having a PJ sewing day with Grace and Noah a few weeks ago. When I asked Grace what she wanted to make for her parents for Christmas, she said she wouldn’t know until she looked at her fabric. She’s only 5 and already she is letting her fabric speak to her.

When we got to the house, she asked if she could put her fabric on the design wall.

Grace on design wall 2

I pulled this book down for her to look through for ideas. Noah promptly told me that Grace was 5 and the book is for kids 8-14. I told him that meant most kids don’t learn how to sew until they are older. His comment, “Don’t they know that kids can learn earlier, and Grace was only 2 when she started?” The conversation continued,  but his wisdom is for a later post.

Children's idea book

Noah had already started a project for his parents when I took him to his first quilt shop experience. That was quite the outing, and you can read the details here. 

He finished up his Veteran quilt and then started on his Christmas project:

Noah Coloring

Grace picked an idea out of the book, changed it up a bit (of course) and got started:

Grace writing on fabric

Don’t want to show too much, after all Christmas surprises should be kept as surprises.

Having fun with grandchildren and sewing. On the journey, Jackie