Not Enough Blocks…..

What do you do, when you discover you don’t have enough fabric to make the number of blocks you need.

This quilt was intended to be scrappy, but now I’m not so sure I want to add other fabrics into the mix but I don’t have enough fabric to make more blocks.  Aunt Eliza's Star blocks

Add to the fact that there are not enough, I have 7 blocks. Not 6, or 8 to make a balanced quilt but 7.

Here are some possibilities if I use a solid setting blocks:

Option 1:

Aunt Eliza's Star blocks 5

Option 2:

Aunt Eliza's Star blocks 4

Option 3:

Aunt Eliza's Star blocks 3

Option 4:

Aunt Eliza's Star blocks 2

The quilt will be lap sized for the We Honor Veteran’s hospice care in our city.

Do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

Choices, choices, choices….. on the journey, Jackie

  • Valerie Root

    I like Option 3. It looks balanced, orderly, planned. Of course, the odd block could go on the back.


    #3 BECAUSE beside be balanced it is exciting … It could go on any background fabric … white a good choice or a field of gold would be nice …. work well with the reds and blues

  • Carol Wright

    I like option 1, if a square quilt fits into you plans. Setting the blocks on point gives the quilt the feeling of movement.

  • Virginia Basham

    I like option 3 it would work on any back ground you choose and it seems to flow a lot better than the other options.

  • Kitty Pearl

    #3 but with corners touching instead of rows. Good Luck!