Week in Review, Scraps and Swirls – Doubled

I got caught up cutting up scraps for the donation sew-ins I host, results of the last sew-in here.

I have a lot of donated scrap fabric so I just started going crazy. The sizes range from 2 inch squares up to 6.5 inch squares.  I wanted to get the most of the sizes I had. It may be a while before I or others piece all of this and I still have plenty more fabric to cut up.


Here’s my swirls, on my Super Bowl Mystery Quilt, a binding is in order soon.

Super Bowl Mystery Quilt close up

And more scraps. The original quilt a donation quilt for Hurricane Sandy is here. I have 2 scrap quilts from the leftovers waiting to be quilted. There are still several 5 inch squares left so I cut the remaining scraps with a 2.5 or 5 inch side.

Donation Scraps

And more swirls. This is on the long arm.

Scrap in a Box Girl 1


A little bit of this and that. On the journey, Jackie


  • Jaye

    If you feel like cutting scraps, they won’t go anywhere and can always be used!

    • Jackie

      There is something satisfying about having things all neat and tidy and taking scraps and trimming them up falls into that category.