Fabric Dying

This is not your typical fabric dying post that you will see on Sandy’s Quilting For the Rest of Us, or Sandi’s Quilt Cabana Corner or Charlotte’s The Mad Quilt Lady Posts, but it is fabric dying.

This is a picture heavy post. Of grandkids. And fun. At least on their part.

First you start with the good stuff – dye from JoAnn’s 🙂 (I know it’s cheating but this is camping and kids).







They each had a t-shirt and apron to dye.

Applying the dye:

Noah Dying

Grace Dying

Aprons – there was a plan to this, I just don’t remember what it was.

Noah's Apron

Grace's Apron

Hauling water:

Hauling water 2

For rinsing:

Grace Rinsing

Noah Rinsing

And more water:

Hauling water

For more rinsing:

Noah Rinsing 1

Grace Rinsing 1

Repeat again and again. 🙂 They were troopers.

After drying in the sun for several hours:

Can you see these looks in their future with spouses?


And typical brother sister interaction:

Modeling 1

He was trying not to smile. 🙂

Modeling 2

It was a fun afternoon. Almost makes me want to take up dying…..

Building memories, on the journey, Jackie