Week in Review, Pineapple Quilt 2, Coin Strip Baby Quilt

My week was busy with others, in class and during our monthly sew-in

Rita finished her first quilt:

Rita's First Quilt Finish

Nita finished her placemats:

Nita's Placemats

I’ll post more on the donation sew-in , but for now, here is the status of the veteran quilts:

Veteran quilts


I did finish piecing the second pineapple quilt. It looks so very different from the first one.

Pineapple quilt 2


I did rearrange some strips on this quilt and re-pieced it. Still not my favorite.

Coin Strip Quilt


Added a label to this quilt for a wedding shower gift:

Paul and Jessica Label


Busy week, with a quilt headed to a new home, and that is good, on the journey, Jackie