Sunrise, Sunset and Slowing Down

Have you ever noticed that at night as the sun sets the sounds of the creatures begin to deepen and become a faster drone-like sound, lulling you to sleep?Sunset 2

A photo of the sunset through the trees.

Sunset through trees

Before you begin to see the sunrise, those sounds begin to fade into the background and slowly they are replaced by bright chipper sounds from the birds, as if they are a call to wake you up.


Have you ever noticed that watching the sun rise or set seems to take a very long time, then suddenly you’ve missed it if you are not careful.

Sunset on phone

I’m driven, to those that know me, I’m the energizer bunny. My feet and mind hit the floor running in the morning and I have to force myself to stop doing “one more thing” at the end of the day. I deliberately take a few days off each year to camp by myself to slow down and reflect. It’s not easy for me. I love watching the sunrise each morning and set each night, but it’s painfully slow. My mind and body fight to be quiet. It feels like a losing battle.

While walking to and from the lake, I stopped to take pictures, testing out my new camera (just a point and shoot).

This is a little blurry,  it was windy on the ridge where I was standing.


Then I saw this spider. I hate spiders, but I needed to get a photograph of the web, I was pleased at how closely I was able to zoom in even from a distance.

Orb Spider


Yellow Flower


I wonder if I could watch the sunrise and sunset each day if I would slow down. Would it become normal and lose its mystery and pull?

What do you think?

Sunset with adjustments

Slowing down (or trying to) on the journey, Jackie

  • Kitty Pearl

    Yes, Jackie, I know what you mean, you patiently watch the sunset, then all of a sudden it’s just gone, very time. Maybe that’s how it always keeps it’s mystero?

  • Kitty Pearl

    Awesome great pics too- I’ve never seen a spider like that!

    • Jackie

      Thanks. I was glad for a camera that could get a close-up without me getting up close. 🙂