Your Own Space, Creating Time For Yourself

A friend made a remark about a question I once posed, ” What space do you call your own”? It got me to thinking about how not only will our spaces look different but it may not be a sewing or quilting space but a gardening or cooking, or photo shoot space. The kind or size of our space is not what is important. Having one is. And the space is more than a specific location.

As a sewer/quilter/crafter I have not always had a space. Not a dedicated space, nor a space carved out in time for me.

Studio Pictures
Studio Pictures

When I did do anything for me, I would have to pull everything out every time I wanted to sew and put it all back before I was done. I’ve had more “permanent” spaces such as a snack tray, on a porch, a kitchen table and even the top of a dresser. When I was able to dedicate a table and a part of a room just to sewing I thought all the best things in life had come to me. Now I have a space bigger than I ever dreamed of having. And yet I keep dreaming for more. More time, more room (a larger room in a sunroom, over looking a lake – a gal can dream can’t she), more possibilities (with a place to sit and hand sew and enjoy the changing seasons). More, lots of more….

But I don’t have to have more. I would still quilt with less and I do….

….a small space in my camper where the stove top doubles as a ironing table and the bed is my design wall…

Camping Set up

Camping Set up2

….I have a small portable bag that goes in the car with me…

Embroidery to go

…. on the couch (usually ripping out)….Couch Sewing

I also know if all of it were taken away from me, I would find a way to fulfill my passion.  As a child long before I discovered needle and thread, I would pull long grasses and weave them into placemats. Colored pencils and paper were enough to create designs (I still use graph paper today). Cereal boxes were used to make paper dolls and board games. So I know that I would find a way to fulfill my passion.

Regardless of the “how much” physical space I have, I’ve learned that I need “time”space more and it is harder to come by.

Recently while camping with my daughter and family she asked what I would want my later years to look like? Who/where would I want to live? I told her if I didn’t have my mind then put me in a nursing home. Otherwise I would prefer to live with her vs. a nursing home. I told her that while I would miss my studio, just give me a needle and thread and fabric and I will be content.

Hexagon Doll Quilt

Have you made space for yourself?

Time space for you?          Physical space?

Enjoying my space, content in my space and dreaming of more on the journey, Jackie

  • Boy! What a timely post! I’ve been struggling with finding space for my sewing room, which in my small cottage house I currently share with the spare bedroom. Needless to say, whenever my kids and their families come over (and I love it when they come!) I have to give up sewing for the time being, unless I want to camp out in some other corner–of which there aren’t many–of the house. I have considered several different alternatives for a permanent spot, one that I don’t have to take apart every time the need arises, and at the same time doesn’t disrupt the flow of the rest of the house (did I mention my house is REALLY SMALL?), but so far I’ve come up with nothing short of adding another wing to the house, which totally defeats the purpose of living in a small house, a choice that we made in an effort to simplify our lives. I was watching Bonnie Hunter the other day (, and she said something that really spoke to me. She said it doesn’t matter how big or “fancy” one’s sewing room/studio is, but what matters is what comes out of it; whether it’s a full converted basement or the kitchen table, the work that is created within the space is what matters. That gave me pause…

    • Jackie

      Thanks Monica I hope you find a way to be creative even when you have been pushed out of your physical space.

  • Jaye

    My mom said something similar. She doesn’t want to be a burden and if she has dementia, she just wants to be in a nursing home. I agree with you on all points!