Sewing with Children, What to Sew? First Projects.

Let them choose. When they ask for something. I suggest a way for them to make it themselves and structure the project to their age/interest/skill level. Be flexible.

A lease for a stuffed dog:      Caiden with Doggie

An easy first project is a pillow. It can be for a doll, stuffed animal or small for bean bags.

Bethany Sewing 005

Caiden’s bear quilt at 6 was a simple one piece of fabric, layered and sewn envelope style. He visits once a year, has only sewn a couple of times and while he is very interested, our time is limited.


Noah wanted to make something for his snake. I suggested a sleeping bag.

1 Snake

Camden at 7 wanted to make a quilt for cousin Grace, who was days away from birth. He was interested in cutting and sewing so a simple I strip quilt was planned as it was his first time on the machine.

Camden and Colson Sewing
Camden and Colson Sewing

His brother Colson, 5, same year wanted to make something for his parents so I thought ornaments would be fun, simple and easy.

Camden and Colson Sewing
Camden and Colson Sewing

Savannah saw a quilt with kites on it and wanted to make a wall hanging. Her first project was an art quilt.

Savannah with finished project

Children love to give back. The One Million Pillowcase Challenge is a perfect opportunity with simple sewing and fun.


The possibilities are endless and the children are a storehouse of ideas. Learn from them and with them. Have fun.

Passing on the possibilities on the journey, Jackie