Week in Review, Cutting and Building

This came off the long arm:

Cindy Hayse t-shirt quilt

This went on. No quilting yet.

Pineapple Quilt

UPS brought this to my home this past week.


So my focus was on fixing up this cutting table:

Before 1

More on this later.

I took inventory of the t-shirts Kynzi gave me (older granddaughter) for a quilt. Since it is not for a customer, I have plenty of time to play with ideas.

Knyzi's t-shirts

I spent time trimming up these small HST:

Mini HST Before trimming

to 1 3/4 inches (largest I could get:

Mini HST Trimmed

And played with a layout possibility:

Mini HST Layout

Doesn’t feel like there’s a lot to show for my labors as some serious cleaning and reorganizing took up most of my time.

What about you. Any sewing this week?

On the journey, Jackie