Iron Review – My Favorite – A Reliable

I talked about my many irons over here.

My all time favorite was my Reliable, I owned the orange model as shown in the video below. I loved loved loved that iron. I had it for over 5 years before it just died.

I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t lasted longer but then I put it into perspective. I used that iron almost daily, and many times for hours. That certainly is not your typical household use!

The model is no longer made at least that I can find.  I wasn’t ready to invest into a higher priced model. And yes, it is an investment. Pressing is an important part of piecing a successful quilt.

What I liked about the iron:

  • The weight, nice heft but not too heavy. I want my iron to do the work
  • The steam control button on the side, easy and more control to turn on and off as needed
  • The temp indicator lets you know what temp range the iron is in and when it is where you want it to be
  • Didn’t scorch

I tend to put a piece down to be pressed, put the iron on it and get the next one ready, move the iron, get the next one ready…. and so on. Note: the one in the picture below is not a Reliable.

Iron Post 1

There are times though when getting the next one ready, I get stalled and it takes a bit of time to get it ready for the iron and run the risk of burning  the piece your iron is sitting on. Not with this iron (I am now spoiled). I have set the iron on a piece to be pressed, got distracted by a shiny bunny in my studio (such as social media) and 20+ minutes later remember I was in the middle of pressing (have I mentioned I have ADHD) a block. Whoops. But with this iron no worries. Serious bonus. I have never scorched a piece of fabric. Not sure why, but I’m very glad.

I’ve since purchased two more irons. One is just okay, the other is a dry iron which I like (shown above) but it’s just not the same.  Sigh.

So what is your favorite iron? What do you like about it?

Iron addiction in review, on the journey, Jackie