Hopscotch Maze in Teal

This quilt…

Hopscotch in Teal Etsy. 1pg

is the same as this quilt…

Hopscotch maze Pattern Photo 3

I made the second one a long time ago, wrote the pattern as a request but I never really liked the quilt. Many do, and that is fine, but I thought I needed to make a second one in different colors.

Amazing how different fabrics change the look of a pattern.

I had a wonderful model.  The baby of one of my daughter’s friends. Too bad she lives 9 hours away.

Hopscotch in Teal

Here are some close-ups of the quilting.

Hopscotch in Teal Etsy

Hopscotch Maze Teal on longarm

Since we are so visual and many people have a hard time seeing a quilt in different colors than what is shown, I’ve listed the pattern in both colors on my Etsy Shop.

Have you ever made a quilt in different colors, just to see the results? If so, I’d love to see pictures.

Crazy making on the journey, Jackie


  • Melva Nolan

    Nice. It really is amazing how color selection makes such a difference.