Throwback Thursday, A Potted Flower

I’m not sure how long ago I made this, but it was one of the projects made during a 3-day sewing event with Eleanor Burns.

Potted Flower, Emblished

This particular day, we were introduced to an embellisher.

Here is a close-up of the embellished section.

Potted Flower closeup

Naturally at the end of the show they were selling the used machines and the price was right so I bought one. It’s not a machine I’ve used often, but I’m glad I have it.


Here are some other projects I’ve done.

Felted wool table runner. 

Fall Postcard.


Felted needle case.

Documenting the past, on the journey, Jackie

  • threeundertwo

    That is beautiful! I think I would be tempted to get the machine too.

    • Jackie

      Thanks. 🙂 The machine was a super bargain and about the price of an entry box store sewing machine. Couldn’t pass it up.

      Thanks for stopping by.