Week in Review, July 17 2015

Can you believe that July is half over? And I have little to show for the week.

I remade this, apparently I can’t spell. 🙂


In an effort to clean up after last week’s work, I decided it was time to take all my boxes and bins of scraps and stuff them into pet beds. More than a dozen pet beds went with a friend to a local humane society.

Pet bed Scraps

I spent some time getting patterns ready to go to the state fair again this year. They are found here on my site.


I went with the darker border on this …

Pineapple top

and while looking for more strips when making it, I came across these…

Connecting Threads leftovers

so another donation quilt was started…

Men's Donation Quilt

Last week I post about an embroidery piece I did for a wheelchair. Here it is sewn on.

Arachnid Flier Wheelchair

Lastly I stitched up more narrow strips and selvages for my rag rug.

Rag Rug

Another week of many little things, but every little thing counts towards completion.

Getting things done, one bite at a time, on the journey, Jackie