Word Art Quilt for Greg

This may look familiar as I made one for a customer a year ago.

When I was designing the one for my customer, I decided to make one for my husband as well. I designed the words and sent them on to Spoonflower to be printed. The plan was it was going to be a Christmas gift. Then a birthday gift. Next was Father’s Day…..

Greg's word art

Finished it is 30 x 32. The inside word section is 17 x 20.  He plans on hanging it in his office.

To my patient husband, I love you. Jackie

  • Kitty Pearl

    Super clever! I never thought of Spoosflower for panels….hmmmm…:)

    • Jackie

      I’ve thought about using them for photos as well. I’ve used many of the products on the market and not any one brand stands out as superb.