Sewing With Children, How to Get Them Interested

Have things available to invite them into your sewing world.

Find times that allow them to explore. Sew when they are around. You would be surprised what they want to be a part of.

Here Caiden is under 2 but wanted to be a part of what his brothers were doing:

Camden and Colson Sewing

When my daughter’s boys were 7, 5, 3 and 1, they all wanted to sit on my lap and watch me hand sew some embroidery. It was difficult to get anything done, especially as they squirmed and wiggled to get the best viewing spot. As hard as it was not to tell them go play, I let them climb, wiggle and ask questions. The embroidery is always going to be there, young boys will not stay young for long.

I got very little sewing done with those boys on my lap, but I realized it was more about the interest than my progress. Now, several years later when they come to visit they want to sew. Or should I say play…. (they made the pillows).


Third, note that their interest will vary. Not all the boys stayed the entire time while I was working on my embroidery. Two of them quickly found other things to do, another would come and go, and the 4th didn’t leave my side the entire time.

How to get them interested?

I keep a box full of fabric that is free reign for children.  Keep extra empty spools and other leftovers from sewing. Let them play with your button box.

When they ask you to make them something, suggest they make it or something similar that is within their age, interest and skill range.

Give them tasks that are easy for them to do. Here is Grace picking scraps to stuff the pillow she made.


Example conversation:

Child, “Grandma will you make a quilt for my doll?”

Me, “Sure, but how about we make one together, let’s pick out some fabric for you to use. What color would you like?”

Grace Playing with fabric 2

So far the grandchildren (and mostly boys) have wanted to sew and more than once. And my daughter said her boys refer to me as the “sewing grandma.”  Leave a legacy.

Passing on an heirloom skill, on the journey. Jackie

  • val

    OH what a precious post! I agree…kids love anything they can roll their hands in …like the bucket of buttons or basket of scraps. They are so unihibited it’s actually inspiring to watch them create!! Three cheers to you, you “sewing grandma”!!!!

    • Jackie

      I have to admit, I love rolling my hands in buttons and fabric as well. 🙂