Week in Review, July 12 2015

I managed to get a lot done this week, even with these two kiddos around most of the week…. Here they are showing off their projects at sewing club.Grace and Noah at club

Happy dance, I have a couple of small finishes done:Tom's PlacematsGreg's word art

And I’m almost done piecing a strip quilt challenge for guild (pieced top due this week, I guess I work well under pressure). It needs to be bigger for a lap quilt. Light or dark border? It is one of my donation quilts for the nursing home. I was planning on it for a man. Or do you think it looks too feminine?

Pinapple lap quilt

This came off the long arm.

Jenny Downs T-shirt Quilt

This is on the long arm but it’s not even based on yet.   Boy Scrap in the box

And I made this for someone who is passionate about arachnids. His mom is going to sew it to the back of his wheelchair. Arachnid Flier

Crazy lady, with all kinds of sewing projects, on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    Is the spider embroidery?

    You really did a lot!! Nice work.

    • Jackie

      Yes the spider is embroidery. Smaller projects go quickly once you set your mind to finish them. Thanks