Quilting Showcase – Darla’s Twilter Round Robin

Darla participated in a quilt round robin and I had the honor of quilting it for her. Darla provides excellent details of the process and the different rounds. We talked in length about the quilting designs in each section and I enjoyed planning it with her. This post is to show the different elements she wanted.

Round Robin

Starting from the center out, which was her starting round. She wanted to just have the star points outlined.


The next round included outlining the diamonds and adding a swirl in each.


The only quilting I did on this round was to stitch in the ditch around the blocks.

Round 3

She wanted the diamond theme carried out from the centers through the corners to the end. Here you can see it in the corner blocks.

Corner Quilting Collage

This next row, the quilting is more dense around the chain blocks to make them pop.

Round 4

Darla started the conversation by letting me know she knew she wanted feathers in the outer pink border triangles. After much contemplation it was decided to carry the diamond theme in the opposing triangle with swirls.

Twilter Quilt Close up

Here is another view. This is my favorite part.

close up

I was honored to be asked to quilt Darla’s and I’m amazed with what everyone did.

Thank you Darla for the privilege to have a part.  On the journey, Jackie

  • Kathy Mathews

    Great quilt with astounding quilting. Well done!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kathy. It was fun to do.

  • val

    I agree…a beautiful finish. Thanks for the close ups of the quilting too!