Hi, I am Grace, I am 5, and I am a Quilter

Grace on the back of her quilt

Grace finished this quilt up a few weeks ago. The intention from the beginning  was to make it for a veteran in hospice care. But once it was completed, she started to cry at the thought of giving it away.

Grace on her Veteran Quilt

At that time, I told her I would keep it until we got a label on it. Everyone was encouraging her to give it away, including me, but then I got to thinking. This is her first quilt. She will only have one “first” quilt. She should keep it.
When you make a quilt, you put a part of yourself in it. Even when I plan a quilt to give away it is hard. So Grace I understand.
On a recent visit I told her we would make a label. She wanted to know what that was. I explained that it was something we put on the back of the quilt that tells who made it and when. So here is what she wanted, “Hi (this was inserted after I started writing so it isn’t on the label), I am Grace, I am , made by me”. I added the date and a little bit more explanation.
Grace Label
I used the Frixon pen to write out the words so she could trace over them with permanent marker. She helped sew it, turn it and sew to the back of the quilt.
Grace making her label
She also asked me to get out “her” iron so she could do the pressing. While pressing I hear from her, “Thank you Grandma for buying me my own iron.” Seriously! She’s only 5! Her iron is a small iron and pad I keep on my Singer cabinet. They are the perfect size and height for her.
 Grace Pressing
 Here is the back of her quilt. She worked with me on the long arm to do the quilting. A post about it is here.
Grace, back of the quilt
 Her she is with her first quilt.
Grace holding up her quilt
 Smiling with you Grace, on the journey, Jackie
  • Sandi Colwell

    You rock, Grace!!! I still have my first quilt and I’m happy I do. I love that she is keeping it and I bet she’ll make many more to give away.

  • val

    Good sewing Grace!! Your quilt is wonderful!!