Art Quilter In Training

Savannah came with her grandmother bringing with her a drawing pad to work on while Grandma sewed. Savannah's drawing

This caught her eye:

Kite on wall

Along with these:

Flying Geese left overs

Then the wheels started turning. She wanted to use the triangles for kites on her drawing. So I suggested she hunt for what she wanted out of my scrap jars and I would help her sew something up.

Savannah choosing fabric

Step one:

Savannah's kites

Step two: You can see she has the eye for shapes. She noticed the one piece was shaped like a diamond and she wanted a marker to draw the line across it.

Savannah busy at work

She glued her pieces to the background so it would be easier to sew without navigating pins. I also ironed stabilizer on the back for her.

We all know that any good quilter has not truly made the cut until they’ve encountered their first bird’s nest. She is quite proud.

Savannah's Birds nest

At the machine:

Savannah Sewing

Proudly showing off her work:

Savannah with finished project

Here is a close-up. She learned about “new design elements” that sometimes happen in our work. The stitching across the top was supposed to go all the way across but the “machine started going to fast” and it “went crooked.” I told her she could start again and cross over and no one would know that it wasn’t what she intended.

Savannah's art quilt

At 7 she did an amazing job and I’m quite impressed with her design and the complete freedom she showed in the making of it.

Savannah, you should be pleased, I know I am.  I hope you come again, I’ll have the scraps out for you.

Playing with the young, on the journey, Jackie

  • val

    Look at that smile!! That says everything!!!

  • val

    The picture of her on the sewing machine makes me smile!

    • Jackie

      It’s amazing how focused they can be.

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