Getting Ready for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Show

The Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival is next week and I’ll be attending, taking several classes, getting my fill of eye candy with quilts, spending lots of money, and meeting up with some online friends (#Twilters) from other parts of the country (can’t wait).

Since the show is close to home, I’m taking advantage of several class offerings. For several it means prep work ahead of time.

Reeze Hanson from Morning Glory Designs is teaching Color Confidence and the supply list includes 20 3 inch swathes of your favorite fabrics. Not so easy.  Favorite depends on the project.  Do I choose because I like the color or design, does it matter? And if I haven’t cut into the fabric, I don’t want to. This has been a challenge.

Here is what I have so far.

Color confidence fabrics


My husband has a tie I really like, I wonder if he would notice if I cut a 3 inch square out of it.

Another item to bring was 2-3 pictures from a magazine (not quilting) that shows your favorite colors. I’m not a gardener, but I knew I’d find lots of color in this one:

Color confidence photo

I’m taking a Quilt As You Go On the Long Arm from Tia Curtis.  I am sure I could figure out how to do this, but I know there is always something new to learn, so I expect to learn and have fun. She gave us two supply options. One is for the “Free and Easy Going Quilter” and the other is for the “Prefers Order and Precision” quilter. I tend to be more controlled in my quilting, but I as I was going through scrap bins, I decided that all my left over strips and squares from cutting my Scrap in a Box quilts, would be perfect and other than cutting background fabric strips, I’d be all set.

Quilt as you go fabric

Looking forward to learning, meeting new people and having fun.

On the journey, Jackie

  • Darla

    Did I tell you Reeze is the one who I met that introduced me to the one quilt group that I meet for the Arkansas Retreat I take every fall? She is also awesome at EQ7 and good at teaching. Hope you like the class! She sold me EQ7 and I took her class on it when I hauled my whole computer to the quilt shop.

    • Jackie

      I thought I remembered you saying something when I checked out her website. I would love an EQ7 class.