Sewing with Children – First Quilt and More Pillowcases

Grace and Noah started veteran lap quilt quite a while ago and we left off with quilting the top over here.

This past week Grace finished up her quilt and Noah finished a dinosaur pillowcase for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge.

There was a lot of banter and discussion about their projects, which each other and me. While I was getting Noah set up with his pillowcase, I told Grace she could decide on a layout for her doll quilt. While measurements mean nothing to her at this point she throughly enjoyed playing with her tape measure. The process, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Grace Measuring

Then she got out her fabric bin and started folding and refolding her fat quarters she bought for her birthday shopping (more cuteness here). Noah wanted to know why she had fat quarters and he didn’t. Grace told me she needed (hear that word, “need”) more fabric. 🙂 Noah then let me know that I could take them fabric shopping the next time we have them when their parents are out-of-town. I guess I’ve been told.

Grace playing with fabric

Noah finished up the tube seam on his pillowcase (tutorial over at Missouri Star Quilt company) and they had fun pulling it out.

Having Fun

While I was busy with Grace at the machine, Noah pinned the seams. I  guess you could say he likes using pins. 🙂 The discussion while he was pinning  was quite interesting. He’s decided he wants to be a scientist and a sewer. He plans to have his science stuff in one part of his room and sewing in the other.

He then asked me who taught me how to sew and when did I learn. I told him that I taught myself when I was about 6. He wanted to know if I taught my mom to sew since she didn’t know how. I told him no, she didn’t want to learn. His response, (with shock in his voice), “Why wouldn’t she want to learn how to sew?” Got to love it!!!!!

Noah Pinning

Here they are taking over my design wall. They wanted to see their projects hanging up. Quite serious here.

Grace and Noah at the design wall

Not so serious here (and trust me this is mild, they had fun showing off):

Grace and Noah Fooling around

Finally at rest:

Grace and Noah resting with their projects

What a pair. Love them. To pieces.

For those that wonder how young you can start,  Noah just turned 7 and Grace turned 5 in December. More on my sewing journey with youngsters can be found on my Sewing with Children page.

There is more to this quilt story with Grace that I’ll share later.

Starting them young, on the journey, Jackie


  • val

    Oh this is my favorite post of the morning!! I love to see kids being creative. They really do love working with fabric don’t they!!

  • Sandi Colwell

    This whole post just makes me smile! Yay for Noah and Grace and Grandma too!!!

    • Jackie

      It is so much fun to pass on the love of sewing. I hope it “sticks”!

  • Sheilah Hall

    Was so glad to see Noah and Grace’s projects today June 11, 2015 at “What The Buzz” such talent.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sheilah, I love that they are interested, I know there will come a day when other things will interest them more, so I’ll foster it for as long as I can.