Snowball Effect & Leftover Fabrics

I know it’s almost summer here in the US and the thought of snow makes one shudder, however I have snowball monkey business going on with my fabric that I want to share.

I grew up in Western NY where we would get a lot of snow each winter. We had a small hill at the end of our backyard that was perfect for sledding (until we became teens, then we wanted steeper longer runs). Building snow forts and snowmen were always favorites as well. The hill was perfect for building a snowman base. We’d take a snowball and push it down the hill and watch it grow in size and momentum.

Side note. Who has played Fox and Geese? That was also a favorite “snow” game that I played as a child and with my children. I get blank stares when I mention the game here in the Midwest. For those that want to reminisce their childhood days, or missed out on the joy of the game you can enjoy seeing it in action here. Oh and by the way, this is much harder than it looks to play and it is guaranteed to tire a child (and adult) out quickly.

 Okay so if you are wondering what fabric has to do with snow and snowballs it’s because my 30″ scrap bin has seemed to have grown, even as I continue to use them up. And it’s not the first time.
30's fabric

This whole 30’s project really started back here with my Traditional modern Dresden Plate quilt.

To use up scraps I went on to make these quilts:

And I’m in process with this one:

Hexagon Baby Quilt

Then the Modern quilt challenge put out by my local quilt guild had me looking for a quick quilt project. Here is what I call my Modern 30’s quilt.
Modern 30's close up
Well once I opened up that bin of scraps they multiplied, again.
The  bin is only  7 x 13 x 4 and yet I’ve pieced this after I pulled what I needed for the Modern 30’s quilt above.
30's Baby Quilt
 And I still have more. I’ve wanted to make another Hugs and Kisses quilt (the other one sold), so I better start now before I really run out.
 Do you have fabric in your stash that multiplies? Trying to out-sew the runaway fabrics, on the journey. Jackie
  • Rebecca Ruch

    I’ve sent several quilts made entirely from stash out of my house this year. I’ve been on a fabric diet and have only allowed myself to buy backings. No matter what, the fabric just doesn’t seem to go away. I think it is magic!

    • Jackie

      LOL. I think you are right. 🙂

  • Kathy Mathews

    Great quilts and good idea to use up stash. Some day…

  • I really don’t understand how it is that I always seem end up with more scraps than I started with, even when I am using up my scraps in the quilt! Maybe all the socks that go missing are magically converted into quilting fabric and hidden in people’s stash. I love your modern 30s quilt.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Lori for stopping by.

      I don’t mind fabrics multiplying if they are ones I like (like the 30’s prints), but when I am trying to use up fabrics I don’t like….