Mini Camping Trip Recap & Family Fun

We took a long weekend camping trip near my daughter and family this past weekend.

This is what I learned:

  • 8 plus hours in a truck pulling a camper is not good for the back
  • A campground an hour away is too far – especially when little boys (and not so little) have evening recitals and early morning ball practices
  • I’m not as young as I used to be – refer to above two issues
  • You can’t fly kites in the rain or have picnic lunches  🙁
  • Little boys grow up fast
  • We live too far away
  • That spending two hours with my daughter in The Container Store is a great way to spend an afternoon (she labels her cupboards also)
  • That a tiny house with 4 boys and two dogs means you are always stepping on something or someone
  • That I was too distracted and kept forgetting to take pictures
  • That even long weekends are not long enough and working day come too fast
  • That you hit the ground running when you return home
  • And that trying to catch up from being away from your desk is painful
  • That as tired as I am, I had fun and wouldn’t trade it for anything

There really was little time for sewing, though I did manage to sneak in a little of this from time to time:

Winter Wonderland

That even with a few minutes while someone takes a quick nap before we leave the camper I can get this done:

Half square triangles

And while I can’t do a lot of handwork at once, I crocheted until I ran out of fabric:

Crochet Rug

Love you Camden, Colson, Caiden and Christian, can’t wait to see you in August. Grandma

  • Kitty Pearl

    Wow I am warn out just reading your list! Your blue work is beautiful, can’t wait to see it all. Welcome home:)

    • Jackie

      Thanks. I am happy to be home and it will be a lllooonnnggg time before the embroidery is done.

  • Sandi Colwell

    I think it sounds wonderful!! Love your blue work.