May Check In

Added this month

  • Hopscotch Maze in Teal
  • Diamond Quilt
  • Round Robin Quilt
  • Baby Flannel Quilt
  • Wheel Chair Tote
  • Pineapple quilt

May 2015


  • Wine placemats –shinny bunny syndrome keep me from this
  • Stonehenge charms
  • Flying in the Storm – may become a mini
  • Selvage edge sewing machine apron
  • Tom’s Quilt
  • Binding tool kit
  • Word Art Sampler – Father’s Day present, better get busy
  • Toddler shape quilt
  • Hugs and Kisses
  • Car trash bag- tell me buying one would be easier
  • Laundry basket – decided not to do this, it’s one way to get things off your list

May 2015


  • Kynzi’s Quilt – need to plan a shopping trip with her


  • Winter Wonderland
  • Star Puzzle Quilt



  • Hexagon Doll Quilt
  • Scrap in a Box – Boy Step 5
  • Scrap in a Box – Girl Step 5
  • Bryce Creighton Quilt
  • Mini postage stamp quilt
  • ½ square triangle quilt (new this month)

May 2015


  • Stack and Whack Quilt
  • Flying Geese
  • Stonehenge SueNami
  • Super Bowl Mystery Quilt
  • 30’s Baby Quilt –on the long arm
  • Long arm samples
  • Mini Quilts
  • Joan’s Nursery Rhyme Quilt – working with student on piecing still

May 2015


  • Just caught up

Bound Quilts


  • Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland


  • Graduation Quilt
  • Darla’s Round Robin (quilted only)
  • Darla’s Donation Quilt (quilted only)
  • Kite Quilt
  • Veteran Moda Candy Quilt
  • Moda Candy Table Runner

May 2015

My list is getting longer instead of shorter.  I’d say that was a problem, but the real problem is there are really more projects waiting to be formally announced.

Can you believe it is June already? Checking in, on the journey, Jackie