Throwback Thursday – China Windows

I have a photographer friend who competed in China in Tai Chi tournaments. She loved taking photos of the doors and windows she saw while there.

When I saw this fabric in a shop in Louisville KY while visiting my daughter several years ago I knew I had to buy it. I thought it was perfect for Kathy, though at the time I didn’t know how I was going to use it.

China Windows 1

After hearing her excitement about the photos she took, I decided to copy some of those designs she had captured. I used a thin ribbon for the grilles.

China Windows 5

More examples of the different window designs that were scattered about the quilt:

China windows 4

China Windows 6

This was also very early in my free motion quilting.

China Windows 2

Me holding the quilt, it gives you an idea of the size.

China windows 3

If I were to make the quilt now, I’d do it very differently. For many reasons. A lot changes in 8 years. My skills have improved. I’ve learned new techniques. I’m a different person.

Kathy loves it as it is. I am glad.

On the journey, Jackie