Let’s Go Fly a Kite

kite quilt 3

I really do love flying kites. My family teases me because I’ve tried to fly them with little wind. There are several reasons for that. I know that even if it doesn’t seem windy enough there are times if you can get the kite high enough, you can catch a breeze higher up than you can see. Also, with kids and now grandkids you take advantage of the times you have. Especially since 4 of them live far away. And thirdly, I’m building memories. I don’t care that they will remember grandma running for all she’s worth trying to get a kite in the air. Over and over again. I don’t care that they’ll remember me yelling, “run, faster, go go go.” They’ll remember me. And that’s enough.

So here is a kite to fly on the wall. No running with this one.Kite Quilt

Here is a close-up, I did cloud type quilting, doesn’t it look like it is floating in the clouds?

Kite Close up

Here is a picture of the back and binding:

Back View

The quilt measures 35 x 40 and would look spring-like and cheerful on the wall in a child’s bedroom.

It’s spring, time to fly a kite.

Running with grandkids, on the journey, Jackie

  • I love the quilting! Long arm or FMQ?

    • Jackie

      Thanks Barbara for stopping by. It was done free motion on my long arm.