Sewing With Children, When Should I Start?

When they show interest.

I don’t know of any parents who when their young child comes to them and asks to help in the kitchen say no. Instead we encourage them, help them, provide tools (or stools) so they can participate in what we are doing. Sewing is no different.

At 18 months my granddaughter came over to me, put out her hands to be picked up, turned towards the sewing machine and wanted to play. I let her. I showed her how to use the needle up/down, presser foot up/down, automatic needle threader and thread cutter. I used the correct terminology each time I had her help with a function. After a few times she knew just what I wanted her to do.

I realize that not every child will be interested in sewing at 18 months, but when they do show interest be prepared. Encourage them, let them help. Will it slow you down. Yes! but is it worth it? Double Yes!

We did not spend long at the machine. I determined that I would rather she want to come back for more, than for me to push her to stay longer. So before she was bored or clamoring to get down, I told her we were done for the day and we could play another time.

Provide opportunities, encourage and be prepared. You may be in for a surprise.

What is your earliest memory of sewing?

Teaching and learning on the Journey, Jackie

At the time of this post, Grace is now 5 and has made several items with 3 quilts in various stages of completion. She is not over often and most times we are busy with other things, but she usually asks if we can sew. Does it get any better?