An Excited Quilter

Linda has come on Friday evenings for some time now and she is really loving learning how to quilt.

I started her with a foundation pieced scrap quilt, which she needs to quilt and bind.

Linda's finished top

Her newest project is this block:

Star Puzzle Block

Last Friday she marked all her squares and started sewing. She loved how quickly the chain-piecing seemed to go.

Linda Chain Piecing

After she cut and pressed all her squares, she was quite excited about how much she was able to accomplish.

Pure joy!

Linda's Joy

Love it! Don’t you?

Smiling with her, on the journey, Jackie

  • Kati R.

    It’s so heart warming to see people happy after you thought them a new skill isn’t it Jackie? The joy of teaching is her smile :)))) And btw… The quilt looks great, and I love that block!

  • Bonnie Terrey

    Linda just things it’s harder than it is…and Jackie is showing her many new tricks!

  • Bonnie Terrey

    Meant to say “just thinks” 🙂