Help, I’m Stuck

Really stuck.

I don’t let too many things defeat me, but I think I may have met my match.creighton2

I’m trying to pixelate the Creighton Bluejay logo (yes, I have permission from the university) and I am running into a lot of challenges. It seems the design is too detailed with too many gradations of color that get lost in the pixel design.


I tried using the method on the free Craftsy class by Caro Sheridan. However she gives instructions using a Mac computer which I don’t have and while I was able to get so far in the process I would always get stalled before finishing the entire process. Plan B, I did manage to pixelate the photo (don’t remember how) and thought I was good to go.

I messed up when I tried to follow the picture without breaking down the grid so I ended up ripping out 6 rows. There are more colors in the photo than I am using and my choices weren’t always consistent.

Plan C, I started charting out the colors I planned to use:


And started piecing again, and still made mistakes. Which I didn’t discover until after I pieced several rows. Sigh.


So here is a more correct version:


It still appears that there is too much gradation to get a clear picture.

So I played with options coloring in excel. Plan D:


I’m still not so sure, so I thought maybe a simpler “C” would be better, Plan E?:


Plan F, scrap it?

Maybe I am over thinking this? Any suggestions?

Trying to take a step back. On the journey, Jackie