April Donation Sew-in

The veteran quilt sew-ins are taking on a new identity. Ann wanted to expand our reach so she visited a local nursing home to see if they had any need or interest and she was welcomed with open arms. Our monthly sew-in’s will now include quilts for the residents, walker totes and adult bibs.

As a bonus, Linda, who volunteers as a second-hand store came armed with terry cloth bibs all cut out. The store wasn’t interested in keeping them for the shelves and they were happy to let Linda bring them to our group!

Ann’s last quilt top is still waiting for me to quilt it, so she got busy using my serger to finish off the edges of the bibs:Ann Serging

Linda got busy marking and chain-stitching her next veteran quilt:

Linda Marking

Mary and Bonnie (somehow missed getting a picture of Bonnie 🙁 )both continued with their strip piecing:

Mary Sewing

And I was able to get this top pieced:

Veteran Pieced

Ann testing the size of the adult bibs:

Ann trying on bibs

Look for more projects in future months.

On the journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    Switching things up can be stimulating. I’m sure your nursing home projects will be much appreciated! I hope your contact there has advised you all fabrics used in projects given to them need to be prewashed and dried. Fabrics and construction also need to be able to stand up to warm/hot water heavy duty washes.