Modern Quilt Challenge

My local quilt guild put out a challenge to piece a modern quilt, due April. It seemed so far away when the announcement was made. Not so much now. 🙂

I had an idea using flying geese (even have a name for the quilt), but I realized I would need to spend a bit more time figuring some logistics on the piecing. Time I didn’t want or have to spend at this time. Flying Geese Quilt

I dug out my children’s/30’s prints and started playing with scraps left over from my Traditional Modern Dresden Plate quilt.

Modern 30's

I’m certain I’ve seen this quilt or something like it on the web somewhere.

Modern 30's 2

It seemed a little boring so I turned it on-point.

Modern 30's 3

Amazing how different the same blocks can look with just a rotation.

What do you think?

Using the past to play in the future on the journey, Jackie

  • kitty pearl

    Luv it! Perfectly modern!! How will u quilt it?