Rocking Bear Quilt Panel

This is complete:

Rocking Bear Panel Quilt 1

The second of 2 panels donated to me to finish up, the first one is here.

I quilted by straight stitching the bands of color and then an echo stitch around the center panel motif and loops and swirls around the rest.

Rocking Bear Panel Quilt 2

I wasn’t sure about the binding color and found this green in my stash. It turned out to be a perfect match for the green in the quilt.

Rocking Bear Panel Quilt

Finished size: 35 x 42. A great size for a baby. This will go to our local food pantry/assistance program at Christmas time. They have a “store” for parents to come pick out gifts items for their families.

Rocking Bear Panel Quilt  3

Another quick and easy quilt finish on the journey, Jackie

  • val

    Sometimes simple is just so perfect!