Week in Review, April 5, 2015

I worked on finishing up some mini projects as well as start a couple with deadlines.


Rocking Bear Panel Quilt

Made these for a drawing:

Red Hat Mug Rugs

Other small finishes for the week are here.

Scrapped this modern quilt idea (for now):

Flying Geese Quilt

And played with this instead:

Modern 30's

Started working on a graduation quilt:

Bryce Creighton Bluejay

While cleaning up my studio, I sorted through my 30’s fabrics and started another project:

30's Postage Quilt

And I added this to my list of things to do (an old project) and put the pieces in a bin to make it an “official” project.:

Christmas Embroidery

I have a clean studio, some small projects finished, a quilt done, so now I can move forward on getting some of my larger projects done.

A good feeling on the journey, Jackie