When to Call it Quits

I know how to paper piece. Really I do. I know to make sure your pieces are large enough, that your stitch length needs to be shorter, that you need to pay attention to placement. Really I do. But I didn’t.

I’m making a couple of blocks to send off to someone. In my mind I had planned on using this pattern in solids until I check size required. A 4 x 4 grid pattern doesn’t work for a 9 inch block.

Star Puzzle Block

So I found a paper pieced star pattern that was unique.

But before I got to this point:

Katie's stars

I had made several mistakes and spent a lot of time ripping out tiny stitches.

I finally got it right:

Katie's stars 1

Or so I thought: Sigh.

Katie's stars 2

I’m so glad I checked before I removed the paper.

So I redid it. Whoops. Really? Again?

Katie's stars 3

I was beginning to think it was time to call it quits or scrap the project.It’s been a long week. actually many long weeks that has turned into months.  I really didn’t want a few seams to stop me.

Success at last:

Katie's stars 4

Final result. Not so bad. But I’m glad I’m done.

These will go out in the mail next week.

At what point do you call it quits?

Persevering on the journey, Jackie

  • Kati R.

    When I’m done. I would’ve kept going until I got it right, the same way you did Jackie! Nice stars :))

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kati. I’m so glad I finally finished them.

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