An Early Quilt- Very Early

This wasn’t my first quilt, but one of my very early ones, if not my second one. I may have completed the quilts I had made for Tom and Kristen before this one.The only pattern I had used was my log cabin. Other than that I wasn’t familiar with other designs. The ones for Tom and Kristen I made up as I went along – not much has changed in that regard.

There was a couple, Paul and Gaye, in our church that took us under their wing in our early days of marriage and parenting and I wanted to do something special for them. So a quilt it was.

So I told Gaye to find a design she liked. Gulp. I remember when I saw the pattern my heart sank. I didn’t know if I would be able to make it. I wasn’t able to tell her that though.

I recently asked Gaye to send me pictures so I could journal the quilt.

Gaye's Quilt

Based on the picture I would say it is a double size quilt. This was back when cardboard templates, shears and hand-quilting was used to make a quilt. At least it wasn’t filled with little pieces.

Here is a close-up. I can tell matching seams wasn’t something I had learned yet. 🙂 But I will admit even with one quilt of practice my hand quilting was good.

Gaye's Quilt close up

This quilt is about 30 years old, and you can tell that Gaye has taken good care of it.

I had forgotten what it had looked like. I remembered that she wanted blues and a pattern that I panicked over.

Looking back on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    I can’t see the pattern very well on my phone, but I can tell it is an impressive achievement, matching seams or not. Nice job.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye. I didn’t remember the pattern until I received the pictures. I see why I still remember being worried about taking on the challenge. It is well loved and that is all that matters.

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