Week in Review, March 22, 2015

Phew, this week flew by fast. With little quilting.

This is now on my long arm:

Darla's Quilt

Quilting done:

Baby Cheater 1

Binding done:

Baby Cheater 2

Did a little more piecing on this before putting away for the next donation sew-in:

Veteran Mini Charm 2

Made a little progress on Scrap in the Box:

Scrap in a Box in process

Stitched out 12 nursery rhyme blocks for a commissioned quilt:

Nursery Rhyme Blocks

Stitched up 3 blocks for our guild’s friendship block exchange (the corners are intentionally left untrimmed):

Friendship block exchange

Hummm, maybe I did more than a “little” this week.

What about you.

Appreciating what I was able to get done on the journey, Jackie

  • Tami

    “Darla’s” quilt is looking good (for me loading it onto the longarm is half the battle!). Thank you for doing this. Tami in Denver

  • Darla

    Yes, thanks a bunch! Looking good, see some of the stitches already! We’ll get to meet up again soon. I may be driving by more often in the very near future due to all the road construction
    – Darla