Tickly Blanket for “Stuffy” Happy Birthday Caiden

When this little guy was here at Christmas, he was very specific about the quilt he wanted to make for his “stuffy.”

Caiden PinningFinished

He also let me know that he wanted to make a “tickly” blanket for his stuffy. I asked him what a tickly blanket and he told me about the one I had made him for when he was little. The older boys interpreted “tickly” to mean “ribbon.”

He really wanted to make it while he was still in town, but it didn’t happen. So using the yellow and blue fabrics that he picked out, I made him a tickly blanket for his stuffy for his birthday.

This is what happens when you are in a hurry.Taggie Mistake

Can you see the mistake? I basted the ribbons going out instead on in.

So here it is finished:Tickle blanket- Caiden

Can’t forget the star. He wanted a yellow star on it as well.Caiden's Taggie tickly

Happy Birthday Caiden. I can’t believe that you are 7 today.

Love and Miss you, Grandma

  • Kathy Mathews

    It’s a cutie blanket and the mistake? I think I made the same one. Good job and Caiden is a cute 7 year old!

    • Jackie

      Thanks for stopping by Kathy. I really think that the tickly blanket is more for him than his stuffy. I love the fact that they are not growing too fast that they want to hold on the comforting things for a while longer than some.

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