Selvage Edge Veteran Quilt

I’ve been working on 2 selvage edge quilts. One is done, the other is on the long arm.

This one will get donated to the We Honor Veterans local hospice care facility. It measures 39.5×39.5. Se;vage Edge Veteran quilt

I stitched lengths of selvage edge strips together to make “fabric” (details here) and then cut them into 3 1/2 inch squares. Note to self: don’t do that again, working with all those bias edges is a bear.

Close-up of stitching:Se;vage Edge Veteran quilt close upSomeone from quilt guild donated a bolt of fabric she found discounted for my veteran quilt project so I used it on the back:Selvage Edge Veteran Quilt backA hazard I discovered in quilting selvage edges with fringe:Quilting bobbleI learned to try to go in at an angle that would minimize this from happening with some success. When I was stitching the selvage strips together I got to a point where I stopped using any that had the fringe and now I know to avoid them altogether.

Here are the veteran quilts waiting to be donated. There are 11, only 5 of them are mine. Veteran Quilts

Another finish on the Journey, Jackie