Selvage Edge Lap Quilt

Making progress on this quilt, the squares were a result of doing this.The quilt is actually going to be on point, but it was easier for me to follow the piecing this waySm Selvage Edge Quilt 1

.Sm Selvage Edge Quilt 2

I’ve had enough of working with selvage edges for now, other than crocheting them into a rug. I had a limited number of squares and just enough blue fabric for the sashing to piece it to this point.Sm Selvage Edge Quilt 5Isn’t it amazing how much a border can impact the overall look?Sm Selvage Edge Quilt 6

Like many of my quilts, I just dive in and hope for the best. It didn’t sure out quite as large as I hoped so I am adding a red border to make it large enough for a veteran quilt.Sm Selvage Edge Quilt71

Since I was winging it and wanted it on point, I just trimmed off the edges leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance for the border. I know that is not the “correct way, but it worked and I’m fine with it.Sm Selvage Edge Quilt 4

It’ll be the next quilt I put on the long arm and I’ll probably do a simple meander.

Next up, the larger selvage edge blocks.

Working on the edge, on the Journey, Jackie

  • Lisa

    This is a beautiful quilt.