Tooth Fairy Pillows 2015

This is year 3 for the local school PTA mom’s come to help make tooth fairy pillows for the Kindergarten classes. Photos from last year are here. 

I had two younger helpers this year:Calab sewing Kennedy stuffing Calab and KennedyBusy working away:
Tooth fairy Pillows Mindy & KenyaTooth fairy Rachel sewingTooth fairy viriginaThe finish, 60 stuffed pillows later:Tooth fairy finishAnd then there is the fun: 🙂 Kennedy and Caleb were delightful and worked hard.Having funSmiling at the antics of the younger ones, on the Journey, Jackie

  • SandyH

    What fun! I have a Kennedy on one of my nat’l teams and she’s a stellar young woman. This Kennedy looks like she’s following in those footsteps!