Week in Review, January 25, 2015

This came off the long arm:Close up Quilting on Strip Scrap quilt

This went on:Mini Charm Veteran quilt

Started Charlotte’s Scrap in a Box Clue 1, I barely got started and I have pieces cut for 2 quilts. SighScrap in a box boy

Prepared supplies and set up studio for this year’s Kindergarten PTA mom’s tooth-fairy pillow making tomorrow night. We’ll be making 60. Pictures from last year are here.Toothfairy Pillows

Trimmed up scrap strip blocks for another selvage edge quilt:Scrap Trimmings

Here the blocks are with a sashing option:Selvage Edge Quilt large

Here is my progress on the small selvage edge quilt: Selvage Edge Quilt sm

I’m on the home stretch with this hand piecing quilt, though I suspect it will still be a few weeks out. Just a row of white hexagons to add:Hexagon quilt progress

More progress on this selvage edge crochet rug:Selvage Edge Rug

Prepared and placed the starting point of the binding for Grace and Noah’s veteran’s quilt. I plan to sit with them one-on-one the next time I have a chance to sew with them. Binding for Grace and NoahLittle bits here and there are a variety of projects. Time and location determine what I work on when. I also cleaned up my studio in preparation for Monday night’s event.

I never get all I hope to do in a week done, but doing this is a good reminder of what I did. Most weeks I realize I did more than I thought.

It may be the end of the week, but I am in the middle of lots of projects! 🙂

What did your week look like?

Busy but happy on the Journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    You did a great job this week!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye, The best part was getting some of the little things moving along and getting my studio cleaned up.

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