First Quilting Experience

Noah and Grace have participated in my veteran quilt sew-ins and finished up piecing their tops a couple of weeks ago. I set up a time for them to come over to do their quilting on the long arm. Cuteness warning ahead, but remember grandma is bias.

I set up their quilts side by side so they could alternate their stitching time. 
Grace and Noah QuiltingAs much as possible I let them guide the machine though even with stools it was challenging for them. Grace and Noah Quilting CollageProud moments:Noah Quilting 3 Grace Quilting 3They wanted to make sure I got a picture of them with the back of the quilt. Grace and Noah Quilting 1I have squared up the quilts and cut the binding. I’ll probably work with them one on one to attach the binding. 

Almost there! On the Journey, Jackie


  • SandyH

    This non-biased non-grandma thinks they’re pretty adorable too! Great work, kids!