Strip Quilt Finish, One Down, More to Go…

This was a while in the making as I collected strips, but I can finally say it is done with a smaller cousin still in process on the long arm. Strip quilt FinishFinished size 49 x 72. The squares were pieced on phone book paper cut 7 inches square. I started with a center white strip and worked out on either side. No rhyme or reason. Just pieced to cover the paper. I trimmed to 6.5 inches to have squares finish at 6 inches.

For quilting I used inspiration from Angela Walters “Dot to Dot” class on Craftsy (affiliate link) and Cindy Needham’s Ultimate Stencils.I taped where I needed to make my marks for each corner of the square. Strip Quilt Front Close-up

Cindy Needham TemplatesHere is a close-up of the back.Strip Quilt Back close-upWhile using rulers is still not my favorite the practice has been good.

I’m working on a couple of selvage edge strip quilts and I am nearing the point of being weary of them. Part of me says, “put them away,” another part of me says, “get them finished and be done!”

What would you do? When you are weary with a project or several, do you forge ahead and finish or put them out of sight?

Glad for a finish, wanting to be done, on the Journey. Jackie

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy Shop here.

  • Jaye

    I power through. I decided, after clearing out my UFOs that I did not want to accumulate that many UFOs again. I do leaders and enders so am usually working on more than one project at a time. I can’t say I don’t get sick of projects, but it helps.

    • Jackie

      I most likely will power through. I want to get on to new things.

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