2014 Resolution Check -in, 2015 Quilting Challenge

I’ve participated with Sandy’s quilting resolutions over the past few years. Last year we listed 3 quilting monkeys we wanted off our back. The first monkey was to write the pattern for this quilt. Let’s just say, that monkey was put on a shelf and ignored. The second monkey was to update my website. While that hasn’t taken place yet, the process has started. Sarah over at Spun Monkey will be updated my blog/website in February/March so be on the look-out for a face-lift. The last monkey was to get more of my quilts and pattern on Etsy which I have done to some degree.

This year, Sandy’s 2015 Quilty Resolution Challenge is name the one thing you have always wanted to do…. (check out her site for more information and her giveaway.

My goal  is to explore mixed media and combine it with card making and make at least one a month. I’ve always been fascinated by the creativity with combining all the elements so this is my year to play.

Recently I made this card and while it is not mixed media, it is a start. Ticker Tape CardI also played with a friends Sizzix (we did that instead of sewed during the veteran sew-in :(), which resulted in this:Embossed CardsIn the process I discovered I dabbled in mixed media (on a very small-scale) years and years ago. But more on that later.

I have tons of quilts and patterns and ideas in my head to keep me making quilts for the rest of my life and then some. However, I am very excited about venturing into a new area of the fabric/fiber art.

Will you be exploring a new idea/skill/avenue this year? If so, what? I’d love to hear from you.

Anticipating new creativity on the Journey, Jackie